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Dec 02, 2016

North Charleston, SC, November 1, 2016: North Charleston-based Equiscript, LLC, has added DeliverCareRx, headquartered in Chicago, IL, to its network of contract pharmacies.  The addition will ensure that a larger number of Equiscript’s 340B home delivery pharmacy patients have access to home delivery pharmacy options.

Studies show that patients on maintenance medications who get their prescriptions delivered to their homes are more likely to take their medication regularly and as prescribed than those who don’t have home delivery.  In fact, patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension can be healthier if it is more convenient for them to receive their prescriptions, and therefore, take them regularly.

This is why Equiscript and DeliverCareRx have joined forces. 

Equiscript, a pharmacy services management company, works with 340B covered entity hospitals and medical practices to manage home delivery pharmacy programs on their customers’ behalf.  DeliverCareRx offers patient-centric pharmacy services to the chronically ill and underserved.

“To me, it’s a natural fit,” said Equiscript CEO Michael Burkhold.  “Our company cause is to improve access to healthcare in the communities we serve.  We have a strong pharmacy network already, and DeliverCareRx has a great list of services it provides to patients.  Working together will help us ensure that we can extend access to these services to as many people as possible.”

 “Partnering with Equiscript will enhance the services both companies provide to the entities,” said Dave Krishna, CEO of DeliverCareRx.  “In addition to free home delivery and prescription management, we provide medication synchronization and high touch care to all patients.  Medication synchronization means all meds are delivered to the patient once per month.  This service improves adherence and makes it easier for patients to manage their prescription regimen.  The partnership of DeliverCareRx and Equiscript will benefit patients and entities who are looking for better compliance.”

Medication delivery and medication synchronization delivery helps patients better manage health outcomes:  Studies show that synchronized medications delivered by mail at home help  patients become more adherent .

“In 2011, the likelihood of a mail order patient being adherent was approximately 1.15 times higher than that of a retail patient for antidiabetics, 1.11 times higher for antihypertensives, and 1.19 times higher for antihyperlipidemics.”  - Am J Manag Care. 2013;19(10):798-804

“Patients who opt –in to medication synchronization programs are 30% more likely to take their medications as prescribed (or to be adherent) than patients not enrolled in the program according to results of a new study conducted in 2014 by the NCPA and ATEB with 1300 patients and 10 community pharmacies across the country.”  -  National Community Pharmacists Association.


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About Equiscript: Headquartered in North Charleston, SC, Equiscript works with 340B Covered Entities to offer patients a home delivery pharmacy that is closely managed with their physician - providing more personal attention, better convenience, and a focus on personal patient care.  Equiscript partners exclusively with safety net providers – not for profit community health centers and hospitals – and proceeds generated through the use of the program are directly reinvested into the communities from which they were earned.  Learn more at