Theresa Goldfine, RN BS

DelivercareRx is very professional, accommodating, and supportive to our agency, staff, and especially our patients. ... The overall patient per day costs has decreased more than what was expected in the first year especially for our inpatient facilities and infusion costs.

Theresa Goldfine, RN BS

( Manager of Clinical Information, Samaritan Healthcare and Hospice, Marlton, NJ )

Other Testimonials

DeliverCareRx has provided customized innovative pharmacy solutions for our hospice organization. DeliverCareRx has provided outstanding 24/7 support for our inpatient hospice units. The DeliverCareRx mail order pharmacy is a great resource for our hospice patients and clinical staff.

Christopher Richter, Pharm. D., BCPS

( Clinical Pharmacist, Haven Hospice, Gainesville, Florida )

We could not be more pleased with the service and quality of DeliverCareRx interactions. Their staff and leadership are extremely customer oriented and easy with which to work. DeliverCareRx is truly the industry leader. I would highly recommend their services without reservation to anyone in the industry.

David Haley

( VP / COO Center for Hospice Care, South Bend, IN )

DeliverCareRX is dedicated to providing excellent services to our hospice patients. One way this is done is with next-day medication delivery. Ordering medication refills is easy with their online ordering tool, which is a great time saver for our hospice nurses.

Lindsay Cole, BSN, RN

( Director of Clinical Services, Gulfside Hospice, Gulfside Healthcare Services, Land O' Lakes, FL )